Department of Biology

The Biology Department provides its students with a superb learning and research experience. The faculty members also utilize high-tech labs armed with a state of art equipment enabling research from gene to genome. The laboratories house a vast array of equipment: Ion-Torrent genome sequencer, traditional and real time PCR thermocyclers, Sanger DNA sequencers, microscopes, microbiology incubators, aquatic research tools, deep freezers, ovens, Eliza readers, and gel documenting systems, just to name a few. The Biology Department laboratories include:

  • Histology Lab
  • Molecular Biology Research Lab
  • Environmental Research Lab
  • Molecular Biology Lab
  • Microbiology Lab
  • Herbarium
  • Marine Biology Lab
  • Basic Biology Lab
  • Animal Physiology Lab
  • Immunology & Parasitology Lab
  • Plant Biology & Physiology Lab
  • Entomology Lab
  • Genomic Core Facility – Complete solution for DNA sequencing from gene to genome level
  • Cellular & Molecular Biology (2 Labs)

Department of Chemistry

Students in the Chemistry Department are educated using the latest state-of-art facilities. The department houses advanced chemical analysis techniques distributed among its laboratories. Some of the laboratories operating in the department include:

  • Spectroscopy Lab
  • Chromatography Lab
  • Elemental Analysis Lab

Department of Geology

  • Applied Geophysics Lab
  • Petroleum Geochemistry Lab
  • Geochemistry Lab
  • Fluid Inclusion Lab
  • Remote Sensing and GIS Lab (RSL)
  • X-Ray Lab
  • Structural Geology Lab
  • Mineralogy Lab
  • Petrology Lab
  • Paleontology Lab
  • Economic Geology Lab
  • Hydrogeology Lab
  • Research Lab
  • Rock Mechanical Lab
  • Photomicrography Lab
  • Thin Sections Workshop
  • Sample Preparation Workshop

Department of Mathematical Sciences

  • Computer Labs

Department of Physics

  • Natural Science Lab
  • General Physics Lab I
  • General Physics Lab II
  • Intermediate Physics Lab I
  • Intermediate Physics Lab II
  • Intermediate Physics Lab III
  • Physics Fun Lab
  • Astronomy Lab
  • Research Lab I
  • Research Lab II
  • Magnetism and Superconductivity Lab


Jul 31, 2017