The principal mission of the College is to be the leading provider in the Gulf Region of a comprehensive science education which meets or exceeds international standards. An education which guides students through the theoretical and practical aspects of their chosen disciplines and provides them with sufficient breadth to understand and successfully meet the challenges of a rapidly changing society while preserving a focus on the major which will prepare them for the workforce or postgraduate study. Students will benefit from a curriculum which fully accommodates professional work experience and is designed to produce graduates who are critical thinkers, ethical professionals, and lifelong learners with a commitment to the local community as well as a global society. 

The College of Science is committed to both basic and applied research with a special emphasis in areas of strategic importance to the UAE. It is expected that much of the work produced within the College should have international impact. The College also regards research activity by both staff and students as being an integral part of the educational process and aims to provide an environment which maximizes this activity by optimizing use of available resources. In this regard, college encourage student participation in research even at the undergraduate level.

The establishing and maintaining relationships of support and involvement with public and private sectors represent the foundation of our efforts to link the College with external constituencies. The College also plays a role in promoting general public awareness and understanding of the basic sciences.

Jul 31, 2017