Community Service

Giving Back to the Community

All departments within the College of Science (COS) are actively involved in community and consultancy services. The COS routinely welcomes local schools to visit the laboratories. In addition, departmental representatives participate in local schools science exhibitions and fairs in an effort to further raise the interest of high school students in science and technology.

The COS faculty members usually serve as manuscript reviewers for highly-rated international scientific journals, and are regularly involved in reviewing promotion files for other regional universities. The College of Science offers a broad range of scientific and technical services to industrial partners and governmental agencies. Areas of services include: desert ecology, aquatic ecology and coastal zone management, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, groundwater exploration, archaeological and heritages sites studies, forensic geosciences, mineral resources, applied mathematics, numerical analysis, nano-physics, material science and engineering, and nuclear physics.


Jun 10, 2014